How to File for Windshield Repair and Replacement Insurance Claims the Smart Way

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It's easy to brush off a chipped or cracked windshield as something to fix another day – but ignoring that little chip could mean an expensive, even life-threatening nightmare next time you're on the road.


Damaged windshields are a normal, if irritating, part of owning a car – which means there is a good chance that your car insurance may cover your cracked windshield. However, just as with all insurance companies, your claim does depend on your insurance type – and how your car windshield was damaged.


Do I Need to Replace or Repair My Car Windshield?


First things first: how damaged is your windshield? If you're looking at a small crack or chip, then windshield repair is, in most cases, the better solution for you.


However, if your crack is more of a hole that lets the breeze in, you need to replace your windshield.


If the crack is longer than 14 inches – or the "bullseye" – exceeds 3 inches, you need windshield replacement.


Likewise, if your windshield has already gone through several repairs, its core structural integrity will be impacted – replacing the windshield is advised for your safety.


Finally, if the crack obstructs your view, then you are legally required to replace your windshield.


Check Your Car Insurance Policy on Windshield Replacement or Repair


Now you know whether to claim for windshield replacement or repair, you need to check your car insurance policy. In most cases, a comprehensive coverage car insurance policy will cover you for damage caused outside of accidents by third party actions; this includes things like vandalism and acts of nature, such as stray rock chips.


If your windshield was damaged in a car accident that was not your fault, then their car insurance provider's liability coverage will pay for all damages. If you caused the accident and hold a collision policy, then your insurance should cover the damage – but only if you pay a deductible.


In general, car insurance is willing to pay out for windshield repairs simply because of economics. After all, repairing a windshield is cheaper than replacing it, no matter who is paying!


By checking your car insurance policy, you can see exactly what you're covered for and whether you will need to pay any deductibles. It's worth calling around for quotes from auto glass replacement and repair services; if your insurance claim doesn't save you money, then you're better off purchasing yourself.


How to Save Even More Money on Windshield Replacement and Repair


Hopefully, your insurance will cover you entirely for your windshield repair or replacement – but if not, there are a couple of things you can do to keep your money in your pocket.


First, you can avoid purchasing OEM auto glass and instead get a high-quality aftermarket windshield. There are no noticeable differences, and you may save hundreds of dollars.


Secondly, if you really want to reduce your expenditure, then purchase a DIY auto glass repair kit. These cost the same as a hot lunch and can be easily found online or at your local auto parts store – but remember, the more damaged your windshield, the more necessary a windshield replacement becomes for your own safety.


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