How Soon Can You Schedule My Auto Glass Job?

In 99% of cases, we can schedule your repair or replacement for the following day – in rare cases, when we are busy, you may have to schedule 48 hours in advance.

What Happens if I Need to Cancel or Reschedule?

We understand that sometimes things come up and you need to quickly cancel or reschedule, so we've made that easy. You can either call us at (214) 545-4689 or click here to make the required changes.

I Need My Windshield Repaired or Replaced ASAP – Can You Do That?

On average, FastGlass Dallas repairs windshields in up to twenty minutes, while windshield replacements take up to sixty minutes.

Can FastGlass Dallas Pick Up My Vehicle and Return It?

Unfortunately, not – however, our mobile service means that you and your car can stay home. Our expert technicians will come to you and fix your windshield on the spot. We'd say that's an even better service!

How Soon After My Replacement Can I Drive My Car?

In most cases, you can start driving three hours after the repair or replacement work is complete – our technicians will inform you if you need to wait any extra time. We also advise not washing your car for the following three days. The reason you need to wait and not wash your car is due to the sealant, which needs time to set correctly. Unfortunately, we can't speed up that process for you!

Will a Windshield Replacement or Repair Damage My Vehicle?

Not at all, our trained and experienced technicians take every care to ensure that your car isn't damaged during work, using protective gloves and belt coverings.

Will You Also Replace Stickers and Other Windshield Decorations or Accessories?

Where possible, we will always remove any inspection stickers, decorations, or accessories on your old windshield and apply them to your new one.


How Do I Know If Your Technician Is on Their Way?

Our technicians will call you thirty minutes before they come. In most cases, you can expect a prompt arrival. However, if the traffic is bad, it may take a little longer for your technician to arrive.

What If the Technician Can't Reach Me?

Our technicians will try all the contact numbers you provide us when you order. If we can't reach any of these numbers, we will reschedule your appointment. Please be sure to double-check your provided numbers!

Do I Have to Give the Auto Glass Technician My Car Keys?

Yes. Your technician needs the keys to check that all parts are working as they should – you will get your car keys back after the service is complete.


How Can I Tell If I Need Windshield Repair and Not Replacement?

The general rule of thumb is that any windshield damage (e.g., cracks and chips) spanning less than six inches can be repaired. However, this isn't always the case. Click here to find out more.

I Have a Long Crack in My Windshield. Can FastGlass Dallas Repair It?

So long as the length of the crack is less than six inches, it should be repairable. Any longer, and you are likely looking at a windshield replacement.

What Is Your Windshield Auto Glass Repair Process?

Our technicians are armed with specialized tools, materials, and know-how to clean and treat the damage to your windshield. Typically, the repair process takes less than 20 minutes, leaving you with a windshield that looks factory fresh.

Do You Guarantee that My Windshield Crack Can Be Repaired?

No. Sometimes, attempting to repair a crack can cause a larger crack. This is down to invisible structural damage to the windshield from the crack itself, rather than error on your technician's part. FastGlass Dallas does guarantee that a successfully repaired window will not crack further – and if it does, we will credit the cost of our repair toward your replacement. We also credit the cost of repair toward a new windshield to you or your insurance company if you're just not satisfied with the repair itself.

Will the Crack Be Invisible After the Windshield Repair Is Finished?

Unfortunately, not. It will look a lot better, but it is essential to remember that windshield repair is not a cosmetic job: it is a structural repair job. Rather than focus on the look of your windshield, our technicians are focused on restoring your windshield's integrity to prevent the crack from worsening.


What Payment Options Does FastGlass Accept?

FastGlass Dallas, TX accepts a wide range of payments, including cash, checks, and all major American credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

What Auto Glass Costs Does a Quote from FastGlass Dallas Cover?

FastGlass offers a comprehensive quote that includes the cost of the materials, parts, and labor, together with local and state taxes. If there any additional charges from specialist requirements, our technicians will let you know before starting the work.


Will My Insurance Policy Cover My Windshield Damage?

This depends on your insurance. If you have comprehensive coverage, your insurance will cover your claim – some policies may require you to pay a deductible.

Will My Insurance Rate Increase if I Inquire About an Auto Glass Claim?

In general, asking questions about your policy and any deductibles is not considered a claim by insurance companies. We recommend talking with your insurance provider. They will give you accurate information on what is covered, what is not, and how much your deductible is if you have to pay one.

Won't Filing a Claim for Auto Glass Increase My Insurance Policy?

Not necessarily – most insurance providers don't treat windshield damage as a claim. To be sure, it's best to call your insurance provider and ask them to confirm their policy in your specific case.

I Only Have Liability Coverage – How Does This Affect Me?

Liability coverage only covers damage to third party vehicles – which means that auto glass services will not be covered. You will have to pay for repairs or replacement. FastGlass Dallas, Texas is an affordable, speedy service that accepts multiple forms of payment.

Will Insurance Companies Waive Deductibles for Windshield Repair?

Many insurance providers will fully cover your windshield repair without paying a dime. Since they save money on paying out for repair rather than replacement, they are often prepared to waive the deductible. We recommend speaking with your provider for an accurate response.

What Should I Do If My Deductible Cost Is Larger Than the Repair?

If your deductible is roughly the same price as paying out of pocket or larger, you would be better off financially if you pay yourself. FastGlass is an affordable service that accepts all major forms of payment.

Who Should I Contact First, FastGlass Dallas or My Insurance Provider?

If you want to determine your coverage for auto glass repair or replacement, it's recommended that you contact your insurance provider first. They can let you know what your policy covers and what your deductible is. Once you have that information, you can contact FastGlass Dallas to schedule an appointment for the necessary repairs or replacement.


Does FastGlass Dallas Guarantee All Auto Glass Work?

Yes. FastGlass Dallas offers a nationwide lifetime warranty on all completed windshield repair and replacement jobs. This lifetime guarantee covers your entire ownership or leasing of the vehicle; it does not extend to other vehicles you currently own or will own in the future.

Is There Anything That Voids the FastGlass Nationwide Warranty?

If your windshield is damaged in the future and you call another auto glass company to repair or replace it, the FastGlass warranty is automatically voided. To retain your warranty, all you need to do is call us, and we will do the rest.

I Have an Issue – Who Do I Need to Talk To?

If your issue is with the same vehicle we serviced, then you are covered by our lifetime nationwide guarantee. All you need to do is call us at (214) 545-4689, and we will help you resolve your issue, whether you are in Dallas or anywhere in the United States.