How to Schedule Your Mobile Windshield Repair & Replacement in Dallas, TX

Every day on the road, we pass thousands of unsuspecting elements that can cause windshield cracks. Kicked up by the tires of vehicles ahead on the road, these materials can fly at high velocities capable of shattering a window. Similarly, accidents or collisions, regardless of their scale, can create sufficient force to damage the windshield. Environmental factors like extreme temperature changes can also compromise the integrity of the glass, leading to cracks as the material expands or contracts. Even poor installation or manufacturing defects can leave windshields vulnerable to damage from otherwise minor impacts or stressors.

If you’re a victim of a cracked or chipped windshield, Fastglass Dallas has you covered. Our dispatch is ready to schedule your repair or replacement appointment anywhere in the greater Dallas, TX area. Start by navigating to our Repair or Replacement page, locate the service that covers the process of which window you are looking to replace, then schedule with our tech to come to you at work, at home, or even meet while you are running errands. Alternatively, you can contact us directly via phone and talk to our service advisor to get your quote and schedule an appointment. Fastglass Dallas is able to replace all glass on your vehicle, from windshields, doors and rear windows. 

What to look for when booking your appointment:

Most cracks are repairable to a degree, but it’s ideal to get it repaired immediately. While small rock chips or cracks under 2 inches are easy to repair, temperature changes can cause rapid expansion of the cracks, resulting in need of replacement instead of a repair.

Cracks greater than 2 inches or spider-webbed glass, as well as tempered glass require full windshield replacement due to structural integrity being compromised. If you’re not sure about the material or repair-ability of your windshield, our service advisor is happy to answer your questions. Simply text us photos of the damage! 

Your auto glass repair and replacement in great hands

Once your appointment is scheduled, our technician comes to a location of your choice. The next step is to sit back and relax while our certified windshield replacement technician services your vehicle. With a decade of experience, Fastglass Dallas prides itself on quality service and customer satisfaction. Contact us today for your free quote!