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Back Glass Replacement Labor Rate


FastGlass recognizes the critical role that rear windshields and back glass play in your vehicle, not only for visibility but also for the structural integrity and safety of your car. A damaged or shattered rear windshield compromises your safety and the vehicle's aerodynamics, leading to potential hazards on the road. Understanding the urgency of such situations, FastGlass offers swift and efficient rear windshield and back glass replacement services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, ensuring your vehicle is safe and secure, with visibility restored to its optimal level.

Our Pledge to Superior Service

Your safety is our priority, and we value your time. FastGlass is committed to providing rear windshield and back glass replacement services that are both swift and of the highest quality. From the first call to the completion of the service, our focus is on delivering exceptional service and ensuring your complete satisfaction. Our reputation as the go-to service provider for rear windshield and glass replacement in Dallas stems from our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Choose FastGlass Dallas For Rear Windshield and Back Glass Replacement

- Certified Technicians: Our team comprises highly trained professionals specializing in rear windshield and back glass replacement. Their expertise ensures that every replacement is performed flawlessly, guaranteeing the perfect fit and restored functionality.

- OEM-Quality Materials: We utilize only the best materials for all rear windshield and back glass replacements. This commitment ensures the durability of your new glass, its seamless integration with your vehicle's aesthetics, and optimal performance.

- Insurance Claim Assistance: Effortless navigation through insurance claims, where our skilled team takes the lead in discussions, ensuring a stress-free experience for you.

- Comprehensive Warranty: Our confidence in our workmanship is reflected in the comprehensive warranty offered on all rear windshield and back glass replacement services. This warranty affords you peace of mind and assurance in the quality of our service.

- Advanced Technology: Employing the latest technology and tools, we guarantee precision in our rear windshield and back glass replacements. Our approach ensures a perfect fit, exceptional appearance, and elimination of potential leaks or noise.

- Safety and Quality Focus: The safety of our clients and the quality of our work are paramount. We use glass and components that meet or exceed OEM standards, ensuring your vehicle's safety and integrity are maintained or enhanced.

The #1 Choice for Rear Windshield and Back Glass Replacement in Dallas-Fort Worth

Boasting an extensive inventory of rear windshield and back glass options for a wide range of vehicle models, FastGlass offers quick, affordable, and reliable replacements, allowing you to return to safe and enjoyable driving expeditions swiftly. Our comprehensive warranty, alongside straightforward assistance with insurance claims, makes choosing us for your rear windshield and back glass replacement needs a hassle-free experience.

If you find yourself in need of rear windshield or back glass replacement, look no further. Contact FastGlass Dallas today, and let us provide you with the exceptional service, quality, and expertise your vehicle deserves.

Elevate Your Safety and Driving Experience with FastGlass Dallas

Our expertise goes beyond rear windshield and glass replacement. We are dedicated to enhancing your overall driving experience, offering comprehensive auto glass services, including windshield and side glass replacement. Entrust FastGlass with your auto glass needs to ensure your vehicle's safety, functionality, and satisfaction on every journey. Reach out and schedule your rear windshield or back glass replacement or to learn more about our full range of professional auto glass services.

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