3 Easy Steps to Fixing Your Cracked or Chipped Windshield

Chips and cracks come in different shapes and sizes, with some being worse than others. A small, quarter-sized crack like the one described above can be repaired – unless it has gone straight through the windshield, in which case you will need to get your cracked windshield replaced. Generally speaking, anything up to the size of a dollar bill should be repairable; the larger the windshield crack, the more you should consult a professional.

The type of windshield glass your car has is important, too; tempered glass will generally need replacing, while laminated glass can be repaired, depending on the damage.

It's also worth noting how many times your windshield has been repaired. While repairs can fix up a windshield good as new, over time, the glass will become more and more structurally damaged.

Remember, whatever the damage, it's better to repair or replace your windshield and be safe, not sorry. After all, the last thing you need is a windshield shattering as you're speeding down the highway!

Check Your Car Insurance – Can You File a Cracked Windshield Claim?

If you have comprehensive coverage on your car insurance policy, you are covered for windshield repair and replacement.

If you're lucky, you may be able to file a claim on your chipped car windshield repair or replacement without paying a deductible. If you do have to pay a deductible, then you want to consider the price – not just the cost of the deductible, but also the increase in your car insurance. A little quick math may just reveal that paying the repair costs out of pocket will work out better for you financially.

If you don't have comprehensive coverage, then the general rule of thumb is that your car insurance company won't pay out. Whether you're covered by your car insurance or not, you should make fixing your windshield a priority for your own safety.

Find a Mobile Repair Service for Cracked or Chipped Windshield in Dallas- Plano Windshield Repair

While you can opt to repair your windshield using DIY kits and know-how, it's recommended to work with auto glass repair services, if only for your peace of mind and road safety.

At FastGlass Dallas, we come to you – roadside, office, or home – with an affordable, same-day service – we can also take care of your insurance claim paperwork. Together with a nationwide lifetime guarantee on our work, you'll be back on the road with the security of knowing that your vehicle is safe to drive.